Back to School 2016 Deals

Come check our back to school 2016 deals for  New or Used Laptops ready for the School or College year to begin.

All our current deals are valid till the end of September 2016

We have a wide selection of Laptops running Windows 7 through to Windows 10, buy any of them and get a FREE 16 USB Pen and a copy of AVG Internet Security for a year.

Come buy any of our New Toshiba laptops and be able to get 3 Years Warranty for only £29.99.

Do you prefer HP Laptops, we're doing a deal on them to, buy a New HP Laptops and get 1 years FREE onsite warranty


Whilst your here ask us about any extras we can do, this can include:

  • A bag to protect your new laptop.
  • An SSD (Solid State Drive) upgrade, boosts your laptop to new speed heights.
  • Memory, boost your laptop with some extra memory.
  • Wireless Mouse, don't like the laptop track pad, purchase a Wireless Mouse to free you from cables.
  • Don't worry about losing any existing data on your old laptop or desktop, we can transfer all data to your NEW laptop at half price.